Galil DMC Highlighting
VSCode Syntax Highlighting for the Galil DMC Programming Language.
4G69 Lightweight Pulleys
Lightweight Pulleys for the Mitsubishi 4g69 Engine.
DC Motor Sim
A web app to simulate acceleration of drivetrains, elevators, or arms powered by DC motors in order to optimize gear ratio and current draw.
Clooney Scouting System
Data entry and analysis system for the FIRST Robotics Competition.
Cards Against Productivity
A mobile friendly Cards Against Humanity server meant to be hosted offline.
Sue is a voice controlled cooking assitant that will read you the steps of a recipe, convert units, and set timers for you.
This robot autonomously tracks small red cups to dispense 1.5oz of water, juice, or whatever you want to drink.
Project Julius
Project Julius runs in the background and watches for possible seizure inducing content, blocking anything detected.