Kestin Goforth

Clooney Scouting System


Clooney is a data entry and analysis system for the FIRST Robotics Competition.
Clooney has 3 major parts:

Clooney Sheet Generation

Clooney uses Scantron-style sheets for data entry. Using paper sheets means no batteries to charge, nothing for people to break, and easy data backups. Clooney generates the data entry sheets based on a JSON file (See below for sample code). Clooney sheets are filled out and then scanned with a regular (or portable) desktop scanner.

    "type":    "Divider",
    "options": {
      "label": "Tele-Op Fuel"
    "type":    "Numbers",
    "options": {
      "label":      "Scored High",
      "ones":       0,
      "tens":       14,
      "note_space": true
    "id": "tele_scored_high"

Clooney Scanning Tool

The Clooney Scanning Tool reads these sheets, provides the opportunity for correction, and the uploads the data to the analysis server.
The scanning tool uses OpenCV to find the boundaries of the sheets and then automatically reads the information.

After automatic detection, the tool displays the the sheet and data to the user, highlighting the detected inputs for easy correction.
The scanning tool also provides a few utilities for correcting warped or rotated scans.

Scanner Tool

Clooney Web Analysis

The Clooney Web Analysis site takes the collected data and starts analyzing it. Clooney provides useful metrics for pre-match strategy like historical robot performance and predicted alliance performance.

Performance Scouting is critical to success in FRC Competitions and Clooney makes that very easy for low and high resource teams. Clooney was used primarly by team 5406, and a few others, from 2015 to 2018. Clooney was originally a clone of the system used by team 1503 for many years but has grown much further.

Clooney Screenshot